Posted by: theislamicist | September 18, 2007

Ordering Chicken and Chips, Islamicist style

Akhee, the sign on your door says Southern Fried Chicken. Which south? Who is it who decided where south should be? Now do you know where the south is, my brother? Don’t look away… face the truth! The south they are referring to is the southern states of America my friend. That’s right, its not Surrey or Kent, its America. AmeriKKKa. The only nation to let off a nuclear bomb. The nation built on slaves. The only nation to almost wipe out the natives and get away with it. And the ones that are left, they let them gamble my friend, in casinos no less. Think of those people gambling their souls away. Food for thought from the Southern Fried States. Let me ask you a question, have you been to the states? Don’t answer that! I can see from your face you are speechless at the evil images my words convey. We are all slaves in our own way. Think deeply and reflect.

I see you are behind the counter selling chicken to people like me. Have you thought about this chicken? This chicken is a symbol of the oppression of the Muslims. The Muslims are like caged birds. Brother, like the chicken, these people are pumped full of hormones, are not given room to manoeuvre, and spend their entire lives in a pointless cycle of eating, doing their chicken business and sleeping, all in a confined area. Does that not remind you of your life? Don’t answer that, I haven’t finished. Akhee, the Muslims, like the chicken, have only two certainties, one is death and the other is taxes. But, in the Caliphate, there will be no taxes, only Zakat. All this work you do …you can keep the money yourself! And yes, I know chicken don’t pay taxes, but their death is certain. Think deeply and reflect.

Look at this money I am handing to you. See the picture on the note? It is the Queen. Now brother, do you know how society is organised? If we are a democracy, what is this Queen doing here? She is the head of the Army, she is the head of the Church. And they criticise Muslims for mixing religion and war! See their double standards! In the Caliphate, there will be no army, citizens will defend the state when danger arises. It will be no Dad’s Army, it will be a glorious militia! Instead of trading in coinage that is symbolic of the oppressive monetary system not-linked-to-the-gold-standard, you can trade in Dinars and Dirhams. How does that sound? Before you answer that remember you have been conditioned my friend, conditioned to accept this five pound note. Think deeply and reflect.

Can I have some chilli sauce on that..thanks.

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  2. LOLOL

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  5. OMG, I am PIMP this is so funny………. lolololol.

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