The Islamicists: All the Chapters In Order

This is the story of The Islamicist. Like Dickens, who serialised his book, this blog posts chapters at a time, the most recent post being first.

Here they are, in order they were written.

  1. The Islamicist: The beginning

  2. Hizbutized at College

  3. A sticky situation

  4. The beginning of the speechifying, and how Abu Tesco got his name

  5. How to boil an egg, Islamicist style

  6. Controlling the womenses Part 1

  7. Controlling the womenses Part 2

  8. Slogans to remember I

  9. Ordering Chicken and Chips, Islamicist style

  10. Slogans to remember II

  11. The deviants of Al-Margarine

  12. The gentrification of the Hizb-ut-Tizer

  13. Having Your Islamicist Cake and Eating it (aka ‘The Biscuit Speech’)

  14. How Harry Potter led to my leaving the Hizb

  15. The End: Let this learn us all.

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